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Reserve the Scoop Bus

We would love the opportunity to bring Josh & John’s Ice Cream to your party.  Whether you are getting married, celebrating a Bar Mitzvah or holding a picnic for employees, Josh & John’s is ready to party.  
Here are some highlights of this option:
We can only bring the bus if there will be at least 50 customers at your event.
We charge a one time, non-refundable $175 rental fee* (waived for schools)
*(this is a separate charge and does not include what your guests order at the event)
By scheduling the bus we are prepared to serve at least 50 guests.  If we do not sell at least $200 in ice cream (50 guests who each buy one scoop of ice cream for $4) then the event’s coordinator will be charged the difference. Example: We show up to an event and sell $50 worth of ice cream.  We will then collect $150 from the event’s coordinator.
(Except for schools, the minimum amount we charge is $325 which is the rental fee plus the $200 minimum.)
The Scoop Bus is yours for 2 hours
We will work with you to determine payment details for what is ordered at your event: For example, you might decide to pay for all of your guests or have them pay individually.  You can even open up the “bar” for a certain amount of time or until a determined sales amount is reached.
Access the menu (Opens in new window) for offerings and prices.

I want to reserve the Scoop Bus!

Scoop Bus Request

We will get back to you just as soon as possible so we can scoop out the details.

Scoop Bus events are not official until you receive a confirmation email. Once this is received, you will be invoiced for the Scoop Bus rental fee.  Please check the Scoop Bus Calendar page on this website to ensure that your event was accurately scheduled.

Please schedule your Scoop Bus event at least 2 weeks ahead of time.


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